Key Stage 4

Years 10-11

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, pupils are given the option to study GCSE Geography or History and then a further three options from: Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Geography, History, Art, Photography, French, Spanish, Drama, Music, Philosophical Thinking, PE, DT, Sociology, Business, Computer Science and Media Studies.  Pupils not studying Triple Science will take GCSE Combined Science instead (worth two GCSE grades).

Subjects allocations at Key Stage 4:


4 hours per week in Year 10; 3 hours per week in Year 11


4 hours per week

Science, Option subjects

3 hours per week, Science has 4 hours in Y11


2 hours per week

PSHE is delivered by tutors through a ‘rolling’ programme across the timetable so the timing of each session will change each week, with all pupils experiencing PSHE at the same time, allowing for a more cohesive programme.

GCSE qualifications are currently undergoing their biggest reform in a generation.  The government and Ofqual have introduced a far reaching programme of change for GCSE qualifications.  The new GCSEs will raise expectations by asking students to develop better subject knowledge, in terms of breadth and depth, by requiring students to develop stronger skills in numeracy and literacy, and by introducing a new number-based (9-1) grading scale.

The 9-1 changes are currently being phased in by the government therefore pupils in year 11 will be studying a combination of new 9-1 GCSEs and the legacy A*-G GCSEs.  The changes will be fully implemented for our year 10 pupils, who are studying new 9-1 GCSEs in all their subjects.

For more information on individual subjects please see the links on this page, or contact the relevant curriculum leader.

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Last Updated: 11th January 2018