Board Of Governors

Strategic leadership and accountability

Board Of Governors

Since entering into partnership with The Park Academies Trust, the governance of Abbey Park School has been transferred, in the short-term, to an Interim Executive Board (IEB). The IEB carries out the same statutory duties as the previous Governing Body, while bringing about rapid improvements to the performance of the school. The IEB has fewer members than a normal Governing Body, but is also supported by representatives from the local authority and expert educational advisors.. If you have any queries in relation to the IEB, or to request copies of minutes for the IEB or the previous governing body, please email the clerk:


Chair: Marie Horton (Education Commissioner, Swindon Borough Council) 

Vice Chair: Mark Edwards (Abbey Park School's previous Chair of Governors)                                                          


Steven Colledge

Deirdre Fitzpatrick 

Michelle Howard  

Clive Zimmerman (Executive Principal, The Park Academies Trust)       


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Last Updated: 2nd February 2018