Sports Academy

Sports Academy

At Abbey Park school we aim to provide support to every student who walks through our doors in the morning. The Abbey Park Sports Academy is a new programme for students who train and compete at sport at a high level and therefore needs extra support to help them in different aspects of their life.

The Academy aims to support students with their progress in their sport and at school in several different ways.

This includes fitness testing, relevant components of fitness, what they need to work on in order to improve their sporting performance and short term and long term targets. We also investigate how diet and nutrition can have an impact on their sport. How to have a good work /life balance. This will be how to balance their sleep/train/work and social time. We explore how to keep motivated and the psychology behind sport.

These aspects are covered in full group sessions, which happen at least twice a term, and there are always opportunities for individual meetings to discuss how we can further support our students and their individual needs.


We are very proud to have over 20 students in the programme already and it is an absolute pressure to support them.

Our Sports Academy students are - Daisy Taylor, Emily Cuthbert, Katie Walls, Jessica Edmonds, Jacob Minter, Abi Minter, Oliver Endicot, Megan Poole, Olivia Evans, Lucy Drury, Sam Walls, Eliza Allsop, Noah Vaughan-Lewis, Ryan Huggings, Seren-Medi Purnell, Taniha Jones, Aneira Purnell, Logan Rees, Emily Miles, Molly Lovegrace, Katie Loach, Ehlana Drury, Jamie Smith and Lottie Singleton.

Our recent success comes from Taniha Jones who competed at the Horse of the Year Show, Tahnia and her pony Jumper (Cruise is his stable name) did the double, a feat that had not been achieved since 2002, and was incredibly close to doing the treble which has never been done before – they dropped a final rail but had the fastest time in Friday’s leading showjumper and came 4th, otherwise she would have made history. If you would like to read more about Tahnia’s success then please visit the link below.


Here is a picture of Tahnia in action.


We welcome any sport that you might play so if you believe you qualify to be in our Abbey Park Sports Academy then please come and see Mr Philpot for a sign up form!



Last Updated: 14th December 2017